Hello! I am Breanthir Laufeyson of Lorien. I currently reside in Ottigren, Thorin's Hall Homesteads on the Gladden server. And this is a recount of my adventures.
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Due to an unfortunate (for the other team) situation involving a 100% abandonment of the red team and the blue team consisting of mostly afk players, my brother and I decimated 12-player Hobnanigans this morning.

The Pipeweed of Summer


So I came across this on the forums and it is the list of events until September. Mostly posting this for others and for future reference. 


  • 11 - 13 : Lootbox Weekend
  • 18 – 20 : 25% Mark Acquisition Boost
  • 22 – August 8 : Summer Festival


  • 8-10 : Hobnanigans
  • 15-17 : LootBox Weekend
  • 22-24 : Buried Treasure
  • 27 – September 1 : 100% Bonus XP


  • 2 -16 : Farmer’s Faire
  • 5-7 : Hobnanigans
  • 16-24 : Bilbo’s Birthday
  • 19 – 21 : Tale of the Shipwreck mariner
  • 26-28 : Lootbox Weekend

Riding into Gondor for the first time

The Great Adventure


Especially after spending a good chunk of time on my toons over on Withywindle, I have grown rather disillusioned with my main server, Gladden, as of late. So I am going to try and combat that by remembering fondly that this happened a few days ago.

The best part was watching all the people in bree stop and watch us like “the fuck”