Hello! I am Breanthir Laufeyson of Lorien. I currently reside in Ottigren, Thorin's Hall Homesteads on the Gladden server. And this is a recount of my adventures.
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So I came across this on the forums and it is the list of events until September. Mostly posting this for others and for future reference. 


  • 11 - 13 : Lootbox Weekend
  • 18 – 20 : 25% Mark Acquisition Boost
  • 22 – August 8 : Summer Festival


  • 8-10 : Hobnanigans
  • 15-17 : LootBox Weekend
  • 22-24 : Buried Treasure
  • 27 – September 1 : 100% Bonus XP


  • 2 -16 : Farmer’s Faire
  • 5-7 : Hobnanigans
  • 16-24 : Bilbo’s Birthday
  • 19 – 21 : Tale of the Shipwreck mariner
  • 26-28 : Lootbox Weekend

Riding into Gondor for the first time

The Great Adventure


Especially after spending a good chunk of time on my toons over on Withywindle, I have grown rather disillusioned with my main server, Gladden, as of late. So I am going to try and combat that by remembering fondly that this happened a few days ago.

The best part was watching all the people in bree stop and watch us like “the fuck”

Merry and Pippin and their adventures with Treebeard

Dawn in Gondor. ‘Tis a good day.


I love how the spirits in the paths of the dead…the non-aggressive ones…float down and circle around you before carrying on their haunting like “who this—oh just one o’ them live’uns”